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So, what is Alibaba? [Infographic]

How big is Alibaba? Take a look at this new infographic by 16best

Alibaba is very quickly becoming more known across the internet and e-commerce scene. Coming from China, it is a huge e-commerce and technology company which serves retail customers. In China, Alibaba controls over 80% of the e-commerce market. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is fast becoming a worldwide recognized name.
Alibaba was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma and it hopes to become the leader in global e-commerce. Despite its success in China, many Americans know very little about it, but its US popularity has grown since the inception of its IPO.
To give you an idea of how big Alibaba is, it is five times bigger than eBay in terms of its merchandise volume and has grown a lot faster than eBay did. Plus, Alibaba has over 400 million more buyers than eBay. When Alibaba began to take off, eBay decided to withdraw from the Chinese market and it has not returned since. These days, Alibaba is using its subsidiary online retail company AliExpress to slowly expand its reach outside the Asian continent, and it is becoming increasingly popular throughout Russia, Europe, as well as the United States.
In its early days, Alibaba was a small online e-commerce site. Today, large brands such as Nike and Disney use their subsidiary, Tmall, to sell products directly to the Chinese market. Whether or not it becomes such a large success in the US remains to be seen. 
If you want to learn more about Alibaba, including some facts about its history, check out our infographic below for more. 
What is Alibaba
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